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The best order for the Hilda books

I notice there seems to be some wonder about the best order to read about Hilda's adventures. Let me see if I can figure this out. ;-)

  1. Hilda the Wicked Witch - in which we meet Hilda.
  2. Hilda - Snow White revisited - the true story of Snow White. The Grimm brothers of course got it all wrong.
  3. Hilda - The Challenge - Hilda faces a challenge from a powerful sorcerer and gets help from an unexpected side.
  4. Hilda and Zelda - A battle of magic between magical people.
  5. Hilda - Cats - Hilda and friends are called to the rescue by Snow White.
  6. Hilda - Lycadea - our witch goes on a very strange adventure.
  7. Hilda - Back to school - where a vacation takes an odd twist.
  8. Hilda - Dragon Master - Hilda and William investigate a remarkable theft.
  9. Hilda - Aiaia - Hilda and William Hilda and William receive a cry for help from one of Hilda's former schoolmates. Of course, Hilda is going to do all she can to help, even if they have to travel to Aiaia.
  10. Hilda - Magic on the Rocks - Hilda, William and a large number of other magicals face strange problems when magical people start killing other magical people "just because they had to", and they are very sorry having done it afterwards.
  11. Hilda - Rock 'n' Troll - Hilda and William leave for another vacation, some time away. Knowing the witch and her wizardly partner, this will end up in work of course.
  12. Hilda Extreme - As usual Hilda and William run into adventures, and this time into severe problems as well. They will find out what it takes to go against a witch we know, in a very extreme way! What would you do with 150 horses?
  13. Hilda - The House - Will life ever slow down for Hilda and William? As soon as things seem to become normal there's a visitor knocking on their door. A visitor with a call for help, but as blood is thicker than water, our magical couple can't say no of course. Baba Yaga joins in on the fun as well, but when her past catches up with her, there are some tense and smelly moments! Prepare to meet new and familiar faces, coloured trees, and archives. Many archives.
  14. Hilda - Phargene - When Baba Yaga pays a visit to her family in the faraway country that they moved back to, she finds that something is wrong. An arrow with a partly distorted message is enough to call her magical friends into action, complete with brooms and cats.
    Hilda and William are up for another adventure, now facing all kinds of strange creatures that they've never heard of and probably never want to encounter again. Join the magical duo for a voyage to mountains, icy fields and the hunt for phargene...
  15. Hilda - Raggedsock - From the distant land of Nihon a visitor comes by Hilda's and Wiliam's door. An almost similar one visits someone else in Fairy land. This is bound to become the start of a new adventure for the wicked witch and her wizardly companion. A journey brings them to ice, monsters and people with axes and swords. After Raggedsock your life will not be the same any more!
  16. Hilda - The Younger Years - We all know the many adventures our beloved witch has survived so far. Some alone, some with Babs and quite a few with William and the cats. But what do we know of Hilda's younger years? Before she was born? And more importantly: after she was born? The answer to those questions are awaiting your reader's eyes. Discover the origins of 'shiny' and 'crappedy crap' and many other things concerning Hilda who became the world's most favourite Wicked Witch.
  17. The Wytches Roone - An invitation for King Walt to attend a festival in the queendom of Flamburgia is the start of a chain of events. Queen Velma shows a new side of herself, and Hilda and friends end up in a very strange world where nothing is normal. They didn't mean to go there, but when a Wytches Roone is involved there is no telling what will happen, nor where you'll go. The problem of course is: how do you get home?
  18. Pirates - It's amazing how the encounter with a big, stubborn dragon can bring about new adventures. Dragging a big, stubborn dragon around makes William and Hilda run into pirates, but unsurprisingly that encounter happens in the weirdest of places. Our magical couple will of course try to put everything in place again. However... odd magic, a dangerous witch and a particular queen don't make that very easy. Sail along with pirate captain Hilda and discover treasures in places where you might not expect treasures! She'll get you 'hooked'. Arrrr!
  19. Witches' Myth. William finds a book which delivers new adventures to the two magicals.
  20. Book Of Dragons. Something special about that book. And our magicals become mentors. Who'd have thought that?
  21. Rapunzel 2.0. Yes, Hilda and William come to Rapunzel's rescue and they need some 'rescue' themselves! And who is that strange woman who's in town?
  22. Butterfly Gardens. Life will never be the same again for our magical duo. Dragons crash into a village, there are book problems and things about big butterflies. And some more bits and pieces!
  23. Queen of the Rock. Lots of queens and lots of questions. Even Queen Velma comes knocking, asking for help. What is happening, and what is this rock-thing supposed to mean?
  24. The Order of Nun-ja. When robbers and thieves hurry away in alarm, Hilda knows something is off. The appearance of very special nuns and the strange new friends of King Walt kick this story into life. Enjoy!
  25. Duendes and Anjanas. A man from a faraway island finds Johanna and asks for her help. Things are going wrong on the Strong Wind Islands. Of course, Hilda and her family jump to the rescue!
  26. The King's Race. King Walt is getting old and more and more lives in his own world. Something needs to happen before the kingdom falls apart...

I would suggest this order as this is the order in which I wrote the books. Every newer book can refer back to characters that were introduced earlier.

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