Dyson Sphere with space station near it
Dyson Sphere https://spore.fandom.com/wiki/Fiction:Dyson_Sphere

The dream is done. Or isn't it?

Remember that post, I had a dream?

In 31 days, from December 25th 2022 until today, January 25th 2023, I wrote 79.000 words for the story that was in that dream.


I'm very proud of the story. I think it came out great. It deals with all kinds of stuff. There are castes, a single-gender species of people, space travel, the desperation of a planet whose occupants used and/or wasted all its natural resources and who resort to dramatic means, weird applications of physics (which may or not be true but that's fine) and some other bits and pieces. And there are nude people who don't really know they're "NAKED". Not in the way that people on Earth experience it / are shocked by.

But you'll be able to find out later.

Just saying that the story's written. It's incredible that I put that down in a month. I'm happy it's done and sad it's done, because I don't want to say goodbye to my people.