I had a dream

I had a dream

And I'm not Dr Martin Luther King.

Around Christmas last year I did have a dream. A very vivid one, one that I could almost call 'lucid'.

From that dream, a story is developing. A science fiction story. Crazy, yes? Probably, if you're not a writer or another kind of artist. Dreams are powerful 'beings', that can do a lot of things.

The basis of the dream and the story have been used before:

Man gets abducted by aliens to do something.

In fact, I have done this before, in "Wanted: hero".

Still, the idea of this new story is so compelling (to me) that I have to write it. Even if no one buys it, I really have to, because I need to know all the details. That may sound strange, but even though the dream was vivid, I'm not dreaming now. Many details are lost, and writing the story is the only way to get them back where they belong.

Also, the dream didn't go until 'The end' of the story, so I really have to write everything to find out how the story ends. I don't even know if the man gets back home, or even if he can. Or wants to.

A big difference with "Wanted: hero" is, that there will be material in this story that I've never written or done before (as in: avoided until now). Which is a bit scary. It's also a challenge. This means pushing over boundaries, which - in turn - means growth.

This doesn't mean that all other projects are coming to a halt. Hilda 27 is still in the works, as is the sequel to "Sandy", and various other bits and pieces.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Grab a book or so. 😉