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The Devil's Diary 2

The Devil's Diary 2

Welcome to book 2, compiled of entries of the Devil's Diary.

The Devil's Diary 2 takes you along on another trail of mishaps, bad stuff, fun stuff and weird stuff. If you haven't read the first Devil's Diary, some of the characters might be a little alien to you - but if you did read that, it might still feel that way. Again, a devil's life isn't all brimstone and roses, but this time an archangel supplies a nice surprise in Bill's life.

Oh... Who is Bill, you ask? Step into Hell and find out! I shall include the same disclaimer that is also in book 1: This book is not for the very religious or the faint of heart.

Where to find this e-book: Smashwords - Amazon - Barnes&Noble - Apple iTunes - Kobo - Google Play. And a paperback is available as well!