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A world of books - Een wereld van boeken.


I wonder about the word literally, and the way it's used lately.

This morning on Mastodon, I saw someone write:

I literally did this on my laptop just now.

(This person had created a drawing.) I asked in what other way than literally they might have done that, and the answer was: "What do you mean?" Asking if they'd ever heard of 'figuratively' got me no reaction any more.

On Twitter, a while ago, I saw someone who wrote:

"I literally died!"

(Using twitter for iPhone.)

There I asked how the afterlife was and how they charged their phone in heaven, or perhaps hell.

Reply: "But I'm still alive."

Somehow I think they don't know what 'literally' means. Literally.

Yes, language is a living thing and it's constantly changing, but some changes aren't for the better. Oh well. As long as English speakers can replace anything of value withΒ fuck, things will be fine.