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Hilda 1. In Audio.

Something amazing is being created.

The very first Hilda book will be available as an audiobook soon.

No, I didn't find a bag of money or a pot of gold; the book is narrated by the magic of Google's AI. (Little note: the spoken parts might not come out as great as possible, but itΒ is artificial intelligence speaking - and affordable this way.)

I had to recreate the cover for it, so it fits the audiobook standards, but that's fine. This is how it ended up.

This audiobook news is amazing enough to put it online and let the world know about it. As soon as the audio version of Hilda 1 is available, I'll add the information to the book page, and also put it out on Twitter, Facebook and Mastodon.

"Hilda the Wicked Witch" as an audiobook. I'm still shocked.