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From Time To Time

From Time To Time

Cordelia Brown works as a technician in a time-machine factory. It's not her dream job but she'd get there if the owner of the company hadn't made a pass at her that had devastating consequences.

After stealing a time-machine, Cordelia now hides somewhere in history, hoping no one will come after her.

Luck is on her side but at some point things start going wrong. When even David, the love of her life, is abducted, the time has come when Cordelia has to take drastic steps to save his and also her own life. Once she finds out it's the company owner's family who is behind everything, things get even more complicated.

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo.

Yes, there is a paperback available too, as well as an (AI-narrated) audiobook on Google Play.