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A new "Sandy" book

Yes. It finally happened.

There's a sequel to "A Girl Named Sandy". It took a while.

Believe it or not, but this is the fourth attempt to write that sequel. I think I threw out more than all the words that are in this new book, trying to get a good story together.

It was difficult. The main focus of the first book was what went on on Earth, not in space. And then there was space. And a new world. 

I'm quite pleased with this fourth generation new world. It makes sense to me. Hopefully it does so to you as well.

Sandy, Paul, Angelo and all the others arrive at the planet which was calling them, and the colourful welcoming committee they find there... no one could be prepared for that. Curious? Join them on their trip. (Don't worry, you can leave your space suit off.)

For now there's only the e-book, and you can find your favourite flavour at AmazonKoboBarnes&NobleApple BooksGoogle Play and Smashwords.